Levi Barrington-Heathbottom

Cheerful storyteller and follower of curiosity


Personality Traits: Reveres and quotes (but doesn’t really know the teachings of) Alaundo the Wise, Happy-go-lucky
Ideals: You’d better find a way to be happy because it’s no fun being sad
Bonds: Wants to prove himself to the Lord’s Alliance and help protect his community against the threats that lurk, all while seeing new and exciting places
Flaws: Doesn’t take anything seriously enough, scatter brained


Borne of the uncommon pairing of a lightfoot and stout couple (father Elmer Barrington, stout and mother Mary, neé, Heathbottom, lightfoot) Levi Barrington-Heathbottom has recently been getting the irresistible call of the open road fueled in equal parts by his own mother’s tales of her widespread wanderings and the tales, songs and epic poems he heard at the local taverns from local and traveling storytellers and minstrels. Having spent Levi’s entire youth in Red Larch, a longer term stay at his father’s behest, who wanted the more traditional stable home of his stout clan while raising a son. His mother acquiesced but her occasional jaunts with her son after he reached adolescence only spurred his desire for more and further explorations.

Elmer is a potter and Mary tends the small family plot and they’ve lived a simple life in Red Larch for the past twenty years. Levi left Red Larch apprenticing under a traveling troubadour, Bertram ‘Bertie’ Highcomb, who he met in Red Larch after Levi not only failed to succumb to Bertie’s musical spell trying to charm some extra money out of the crowd, he actually recognized it for what it was. Bertie was incensed and curious in equal measure as the young halfling surely cost him some money, but he also clearly had some natural aptitude. Levi became Bertie’s apprentice/servant and has traveled with him for about a year learning bardcraft and some lessons about human nature.

Levi’s also hoping to do some grunt work for the Lord’s Alliance in hopes of gaining membership. And having lately arrived in Waterdeep the opportunity arises. Levi was not actively looking for other work as he spent a few days here in the great city where Bertie plans to perform several shows over a couple of weeks. But, while Levi has learned much from Bertie, he’s found that Bertie’s sullen moodiness alternating with pontificating while on the road is not great company so he finds himself wandering the city on his off day and decides he will go join the Lord’s Alliance. His naivety in merely turning up at the door of the famed tailor Graham Gilmour, who he had heard was a member of the Lord’s Alliance and talking his way into a meeting is a source of some bemusement. But Levi’s in luck. Gilmour’s regular courier has come down with an illness and cannot travel, so he gets entrusted with a message to Phandalin after convincing the tailor that his intentions are true.

And having struggled to write the story of the Liberation of Phandelver Mine over the past several months which was to be his breakthrough as a famous teller of adventure tales, Levi figures he can kill two birds with one stone in delivering the message and doing some more research on the happenings surrounding Phandelver Mine. But, he will find that a potential adventure of his own distracts him from his research and he decides that perhaps it will be easier to write about his own exploits. So if Levi hears about something interesting happening around Phandalin, he will start asking around about it or approach someone who he overhears talking about something interesting…

Levi Barrington-Heathbottom

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