Many Fates of Phandalin

Death or Glory

The heroes march cautiously through the gate and pass the stables. In the dark recesses of the structure, they see reptilian eyes peering at them in greed and wonder. The kobolds creep forward, pawing at Garaele and Xanth. "Hands off the merchandise," drawls Gregor in Draconic. "These here are hers, not yours."

They proceed to climb the stairs, and the guard who waved them in directs them to cross the bridge.

Sitting below the west wall of the chamber is a simple but sturdy chair. Above it are three tapestries. Left to right, they display the arms of Talgahau, Amzarr (above the chair), and Tresendar. Icespire Hold was evidently Amzarr's fortress, as she has the place of honor. Talgahau, Levi knows, was an elven lord with a keep somewhere in the Neverwinter Wood. And the party is familiar with the name Tresendar, whose manor is under reconstruction in Phandalin.

There's one egress point — a door to the south — so Levi suggests that they block the east door whence they came. Tangguy conjures a large iron spike, and Gregor hammers it in, casting silence beforehand to avoid alerting the kobolds. With that bit of business done, Tangguy and Levi drink their potions of cold resistance, and Gregor casts protection from cold upon himself.

The door to the south leads into a corridor with yet more doors to the south, and one to the west. They choose the west, and from there make their way to what must be Isendraug's larder. There are frozen yetis here, ogres and orcs. "As long as they're frozen," Levi says. Tight stairs lead up to the roof.

The group makes their final preparations. They scatter dust of disappearance over everyone except Gregor and Xanth, although they suspect it will be of little use against the dragon. Ileander drinks his potion of invulnerability. Tangguy casts haste on Ileander. Up they go.

Isendraug crouches alongside the eastern rampart of the roof, surveying her dominion and her five kobold servitors. Sildar, frozen and starving, huddles to the south. The dwarf (still masked) approaches with the centaur while the others wait invisibly around the corner. Gregor and Xanth feel a wave of fear wash over them as they lay eyes on the terrible creature. But they manage to steel themselves. Gregor claims to be an associate of Irku's, here with an offering. Isendraug is immediately suspicious, smelling and hearing far more than just the two creatures in front of her. As she raises up to investigate, a hasted Ileander bursts forth, hefting Azdraka's Bane, ready to strike a devastating blow. But the sight of the dragon freezes his blood. He cannot approach, and settles for slaying a nearby kobold.

Ultimately Levi, Daran and Garaele also succumb to Isendraug's frightful presence. But Tangguy keeps his wits, and flicks a fireball at her, just out of range of Gregor. The dragon is significantly burned, and a kobold is incinerated. She responds with a terrible intake of air and deadly blast of cold breath. Ileander mostly shrugs it off thanks to his invulnerability. Gregor is badly wounded. Tangguy loses concentration on his haste spell. It's a very bad start for the group.

It gets worse when the dragon shakes off Levi's faerie fire, and Gregor fails to connect with his axe or his spiritual weapon. And the dragon bites and claws Xanth until he lays dying. Meanwhile, a few kobolds arrive and surround Tangguy, who at least manages to drink a potion of healing beforehand.

But by now, Ileander has steeled himself against his fear, and closes with the dragon, dealing a harsh blow with his magic sword. Sildar has worked himself free and killed a kobold. Garaele hits with a guiding bolt. And Gregor, weakened by but utterly ignoring the kobolds surrounding him, does finally manage to strike the monster, but she responds with a tail slap that knocks the dwarf down, bleeding and unconscious.

Tangguy casts shatter to rid himself of his kobold tormentors, while Garaele stabilizes Xanth. Levi essays a suggestion spell against the dragon. She simply dismisses it. But her own counterattack against Ileander is luckily likewise ineffectual. The mariner dodges her bite and claw, and her one success is mitigated by the potion of invulnerability.

Isendraug absorbs blow after blow before recovering her breath weapon. She unleashes it against Ileander, Sildar, and her kobold ally. The fighter bravely withstands it, but Sildar falls. Meanwhile, a pair of ice mephits have shown up, ready to defend their mistress. But she does not have long to live. Though the dragon shrugs off Levi's vicious mockery, Ileander plunges Azdraka's Bane at last into her heart. She collapses in a heap. The mephits fly off in terror.

With Phandalin returning to life, and the heroes healed and ready, Gregor suggest it's time for him to move on and finally deliver Nadja's inheritance to her. "Tangguy, you once expressed an interest in accompanying me back to the Great Rift. You can meet my Nadja. It's also a bit warmer there, which'll be nice, on account of I can't abide this cold any longer. Should take us, I don't know, maybe six months on foot? Pack a lunch and we'll get going. "

"I would," the wizard says, "but Xanth has told me that he is my long-lost father reincarnated into the body of a centaur. I must first at least travel to Neverwinter to discover news of the ship my mother took. She was heading south on a ship that was waylaid by pirates. She may yet live though. I should add that she may well be the rightful heir of the House of Alogondar, the original owners of Azdraka's Bane among many other things. Whichever direction we go, excepting maybe east, a ship could speed our trip, whether to the Rift or elsewhere. Shall we go to Neverwinter?"

"I'd be amenable to heading first to Neverwinter to find your ma. As for a boat, well, it ain't exactly my milieu. But I suppose we might use a little less leather if'n we sail down most of the way. I ain't eating any limes, though."


Session XP: 2,000
Total XP: 16,600


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